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bao dexi and "zhong kui fu mo" crew live in zhangjiajie milan inn-leyu手机版登录入口app


starring chen kun, li bingbing, bao dexi , a famous film as a producer, director of photography, visual effects supervisor 3d fantasy film blockbuster "kui demon", since june 30, framing wulingyuan, framing during the crew will be full occupancy of zhangjiajie milan inn.

"the demon of zhong kui" mainly tells the story of demon in addition to the magic of the earth guardian kui's story is highlight of da sheng international media in 2014, with a total investment of nearly 2 billion yuan, scheduled for 2015 february 19 (lunar calendar) grand theaters. the whole film using the world's most advanced 3alityts5 camera 3d reality and the international first-class motion capture technology, the world's top new zealand weta workshop provides special effects modeling and scene design, hollywood special effects artists and music master to join the production, the real world's most advanced film technology for chinese filmmakers.

crew staff of "the demon of zhong kui" wang xuejun introduction, in wulingyuan captures approximately 10 days, the crew will focus shot in tianzishan, yang jiajie, zhangjiajie landform huangruo fairyland on the sea of clouds landscape will be the film's main framing elements. he chose the viewfinder wulingyuan, because here the natural scenery in the world rare and well-known in the world, to make "avatar" swept the world, also must be able to for the zhong kuifu magic "to the international to add strength.

it is reported that, in order to prepare the shooting, the crew of the relevant staff, more than a month will arrive in wulingyuan investigation, and selected the milan zhangjiajie inn for the crew shooting period. because milan inn is located at the altitude of 1200 meters of zhangjiajie tianzishan scenic peak, went to the area are only by ten minutes of environmentally friendly vehicles, and the shooting is very convenient. and the milan inn has the only two floors of the hotel in the hotel room structure for the zhangjiajie scenic wet and humid environment, the structure of the two storey building is more moisture, convenient crew equipment long shooting and maintenance. it is reported, the crew will be in "zhong kui demon" milan inn in about a week. milan inn also for the crew of the stay and the smooth shooting in advance of all aspects of preparation.

bao dexi introduction: bao dexi, the famous film people, world-renowned chinese photography master. in 2001 by "crouching tiger, hidden dragon won the academy award for best cinematography, first is only a won the award in africa and the united states by chinese photographers. peter pau has 6 times to obtain a hong kong film awards for best cinematography, once obtained golden horse award for best photography, was awarded the hong kong bronze bauhinia star. 34420 asteroid named after his english name "pau peter".

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