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grand canyon glass bridge open-leyu手机版登录入口app


when will the world tallest and longest zhangjiajie grand canyon glass bottom bridge be completed its construction?

it is reported by xinhua news agency in aug -19th 2015 the glass bridge cat walkway construction finished, now in the process of main cable construction, the ancillary facilities construction like lift well, plank road, bridge tower, anchorage finished, cable saddle, bridge frame pavement, bridge glass making is under way. the glass bridge is expected to operate for tourists this october.

heart-stopping new heights – zhangjiajie grand canyon is set to open the worlds highest and longest glass-bottom bridge in july, 2015. 
makeshift catwalk – apart from being an observatory, the bridge will also serve as a runway for events such as fashion shows. it will be able to support a maximum of 800 people at one time. 
worlds highest bungee jump – with a vertical drop of 300 meters directly under the bridge, the new zhangjiajie grand canyon skywalk will also feature the worlds highest bungee jump. bridge construction – no steel or concrete was used to create the surface of the bridge, which is 430 meters long and six meters wide.
 haim dotan – israeli architect haim dotan, who designed the israel pavilion for the expo 2010 shanghai, is behind zhangjiajies new glass-bottomed bridge. 
wulingyuan scenic area – the 26,000-hectare wulingyuan scenic area in hunan has been declared a unesco world heritage site. zhangjiajie national forest park , one of the several national parks within wulingyuan, is chinas first forest reserve. 
dramatic landscapes – the area is home to striking sandstone and quartz cliffs, making dramatic landscapes. there are more than 3,000 narrow sandstone pillars and gorges with many pools, streams, waterfalls. 
the real pandora – an avatar sculpture atop tianzi mountain the location and it surroundings are said to have inspired james camerons film avatar. 
new infrastructure – a number of new tourist facilities have been built in recent years, including another cliff-side glass-bottomed skywalk and the worlds longest cable car ride, up to the peak of tianmen mountain

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